Contest Rules


✓ The Colour Harmony Awards are open to hairdressers of all ages.

✓ No employee of Estèe Lauder Companies or their families will be allowed to enter the competition. Colour Ambassadors are able to enter the competition.

✓ Only the hairdresser specified on the entry form can do the colour and styling work and receive the award. An assistant can help with makeup and clothing only.

✓ The entrant must be employed by an Aveda salon, while there is no such obligation for the model or assistant.

✓ Model must remain the same throughout the duration of the competition. The clothes, makeup, colour, cut and styling must remain the same throughout the duration of the competition.

✓ Digital category entrants must take their photo on a smart phone and image must be static with no excessive filtering applied. Only jpeg and png files will be accepted. In addition to submitting a digital entry via the colour harmony website, entrants need to also upload their submitted image directly Instagram tagging @avedaaustralia with the hashtags #digitalfashionista2019, #avedafashionista #Digitalfashionista2019AU.

✓ To better your chances of becoming a finalist for the Editorial & Colour Harmony categories, the Digital category is the ONLY second category you can enter this year.

✓ Entrant and model must be available to travel interstate from Sunday, 25th August – Tuesday, 27th August 2019 where all finalists will be showcased in the live finals. Aveda will cover the cost of flights and accommodation for this trip for the entrant and model for the recreate categories only. For the Colour Harmony, Editorial and New Talent Categories assistants may also travel, however this will be at your own cost. If the entrant or model is unable to be present at the live recreate they will forfeit their position in the competition and another finalist will be chosen, please have this discussion with your model before commencing. Aveda will cover the costs of flights and accommodation for this trip for the entrant of the Digital category.

✓ New Talent entrants must still be within the terms of their apprenticeship at the time of entry.


✓ Salons are allowed to enter as many team members as they like, but only one entrant is allowed per entry form.

✓ Entrants can only submit one entry into either; Colour Harmony, Editorial or New Talen category, entrants can only submit a second entry into the Digital category ONLY.

✓ The same model cannot be used in more than one entry except for where the second entry is the digital category.

✓ The salon that appears on the entry form will be the salon that the hairdresser must represent during the competition. Should an entrant leave his/her employment (i.e. move to a different salon) at any stage of the competition, he/she will lose the right to compete.


The judges will be specifically looking for hair craftsmanship skills and creative interpretation of WORLDHOOD. Initial judging to determine competition finalists is done by the Aveda Global Artistic Team.

The entrant will be judged for his/her:
✓ Overall colour result, colour technique, application, colour selection and placement.

✓ Overall interpretation, look, style, and finish, appropriate to WORLDHOOD.

Entrants are scored out of 10 for each of the criteria. The entrants with the highest scores become the competition finalists.

Final judging to determine competition winners is done by the Local Colour Harmony Judging Team.

The entrant will be judged for his/her:
✓ Overall colour result, colour technique, application, colour selection and placement.

✓ Overall interpretation, look, style, and finish, appropriate to WORLDHOOD.

✓ Overall presentation and confidence in creation.

The decision of the judges is final. No correspondence will be entered into. Entrants have no right to legal recourse.


✓ Only Aveda products may be used at all times; all hair must be completed using Aveda colour and styling products and models must wear Aveda makeup. The products must be documented in the Technical Details sheet.

✓ No wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions are allowed to be included in the photograph. (NB: For the Editorial Category hair pieces, hair extensions or wigs may be used. Hair pieces and accessories can be pre-done; all hair attached to the head must be done on the day.)

✓ Keep in mind the Aveda brand image; no fur, feathers, glitter* or plastics should be used that seen in any of the photographs or live recreate. *Biodegradable glitter is however allowed, please outline within your entry the brand you have sourced this from for complete transparency.

✓ Each entrant is responsible for providing his/her own personal equipment, including make-up and clothing and complete hairdressing kit for completing the look at the recreate.

✓ Aveda will have hair colour and hair styling products on hand at the live re-create.

✓ Electrical equipment must comply with the terms of the Health and Safety Act – Requirements for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

✓ Aveda accepts no responsibility for loss of and/ or damage to equipment.


Each entry consists of:
✓ Completed Entry Form

✓ Model Release Form

✓ Completed Technical Details Sheet

✓ Digital files of both before & after images to be uploaded in jpeg format

✓ Deadline for entry is Monday, 10th June 2019 and must be uploaded online via the Aveda Colour Harmony website. Entry forms uploaded after this deadline cannot be accepted. Enter Now

✓ Entries/photos that have been previously published cannot be considered. Photo rights during the competition are reserved for Aveda. All photographs taken and received become the property of Aveda and may be used for marketing and publicity purposes. Photos will not be returned. Entrants will be required to keep their own copy of their photographs.

✓ Prizes are non-transferrable, assignable or redeemable for cash. Winners must be available to redeem their prize on specified date/s or forfeit.


This is a live competition staged in front of the judges, where the finalist will be expected, within 3 hours to re-create the look from the photograph which was entered into the competition:
✓ Present a creative hair cut which can be pre-cut before the competition day – this will allow the finalist to focus on the colour application.

✓ Do the colour work live. All colour work for the Colour Harmony and New Talent categories must be done on the competition day and there must be no preparation of colour prior to the competition. Finalists will be expected to make a complete and significant colour change. (NB: For the Editorial Category, both the colour and cut may be completed prior to the live finals.)

✓ All styling must be completed live.

✓ Show styling and finish.

✓ Present the overall look, result and inspiration to the judges on the day. (To allow for completion of the hair work within 3 hours, the fitting of clothes and make-up may be done before-hand.)

✓ This is an individual competition; each finalist is required to complete their own cut, colour and styling work. An assistant can help with makeup and clothing only.

✓ Once the 3 hour time frame for the live re-create is up (a timer will be set); no alterations may be made to the look.

✓ 3 minutes per finalist will be allocated prior to their final presentation to allow for last minute touch-ups

✓ Finalists not following the rules will be disqualified.

✓ Finalists will be expected to present his/her concept to the judges in a 5 minute presentation (a timer will be set):

Presentations should include:
✓ Reasons outlining why the overall look fits WORLDHOOD

✓ An outline of how the colour works with the haircut (shape, length)

✓ Colours and products used

✓ A step by step description of the placement of colour. Finalists will be required to create an A2 mood board to use in the presentation of their completed look to the judges. Once the presentation is complete there will be 5 minutes of question time from the judges (a timer will be set). Only the Finalist and his/her model will be allowed into the Presentation room. Finalists and their completed models will be showcased at the Live Final event.

✓ Mix (but not apply) colour.

✓ Shampoo hair.

✓ Hold sections of hair.

✓ Hold tools, e.g. pins.

✓ Hand ritual on model.

✓ Help dress model.

✓ Make-up (only using Aveda) – there will be a makeup stand on hand, however entrants should bring their own equipment and products.

✓ Tidy prep area.

✓ Only assistant and finalist in prep areas (which will be marked for each category).

✓ Only 1 assistant is allowed per finalist.

✓ Finalists are not allowed to share assistants

✓ The only time an assistant is allowed to touch the hair is to wash it, or help with holding sections (an assistant is not allowed to assist with styling the hair in any way).