Meet The Global Artistic Team


Global Creative Director, Senior Vice President of Creative

Antoinette oversees the Global Artistic Team and is responsible for Aveda's global image. She is a world-renowned, award-winning hair stylist.


Global Artistic Director, Hair Styling

Allen is the recipient of the 2007 and 2013 North American Hair Dresser of the Year, and was named among Latina Magazine's "Top Ten Latino Hair Stylists in America" in 2008. He was also named International Stylist of the Year at the 2011 Canadian Mirror Awards.


“What I’m usually looking for...Does the image match the brand without being to obvious. Did wardrobe and, or make up take over photo? Did the look add or take away from model. Is look created current? ”

Bea Watson

Global Educator, Hair Styling

Bea has worked for more than 20 years as a hair stylist and as a lead stylist at fashion weeks across Europe. Bea enjoys teaching and passing on her knowledge in a way that motivates and inspires others.


“Storyboard your ideas out first... not just the hair but the background, the lighting, the model poses...”

It’s about really understanding the concept and brief, making sure you’ve really read through it a few times so you’ve not missed any important information. Storyboard your ideas out first of the look you want to create, not just the hair but the background the lighting the model poses and of course clothing, make up and the Model. Pick a model that suits your look, if you’re creating incredibly detailed hair designs don’t create them on dark hair because you loose the details. Then does the look compliment the hair. If the hair is really intense, does the makeup and clothing need to be more simple. Is the look balanced between hair, makeup and clothing. Does the model look comfortable and is she enjoying wearing the look and becoming the character your looking for.


Global Artistic Director, Hair Color

Ian travels the globe to educate Aveda colorists and collaborates on Aveda trend collections and visual campaigns


“...always consider the total look, hair, make up, clothes and background. It is all about how they complement each other harmoniously”

Entering competitions can be both challenging and rewarding as you see your vision come to life. Creating looks to be photographed is a whole different aesthetic to doing beautiful hair in the salon. Getting that perfect one shot is all down to planning and flexibility. When putting together your vision, always consider the total look, hair, make up, clothes and background. It is all about how they complement each other harmoniously, without one stealing all your attention.

Ricardo Dinis

Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting

Ricardo spent time with Aveda in Canada and Spain, which led him to his current position in which he collaborates on trend collections and visual campaigns, and teaches advanced cutting courses for Aveda around the world.


“Find a great model.”

It’s true that there are certain models who are a photographer’s dream: they perform perfectly without any guidance and seem to be in sync with your wishes. Think about the technique and the angles of the hair. What’s the most important part you want to show and how does it connect with the rest of the image. A studio is an ideal place to perform a fashion shoot because photographers can easily control lighting and stabilise conditions. If you choose to work outside be aware how the weather and lighting will affect the outcome of the picture.

Janell Geason

Global Artistic Director, Makeup

Janell is closely involved in product development of seasonal makeup collections for Aveda, and teaches advanced and trend makeup techniques globally. She was named Makeup Artist of the Year in 2008 and 2009 at the North American Hair styling Awards.


“Find a team that supports your vision and who really love what they do. Build off their creativity and what they individually bring to the table.”

But have a clear understanding of what the category is - if it is about hair color then the image needs to have hair color as the focus. Storyboard your ideas, think of all the details from poses, to hair & makeup to photographic style. A great model will tell your story, invest in models, makeup artists and photographers. Do what you love, if you love it than hopefully they will too.